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Serving Diverse Markets


Built on talent, technology, and trust, Grace high-performance specialty chemicals and materials improve the products and processes of our customer partners around the world. Through our Research & Development and in partnership with our customers, we develop, manufacture, license, and support technologies in catalysts, silica-based materials, and more.

We have built strong franchises in large global markets. We are world leaders in FCC catalysts and independent polyethylene catalysts and first in specialty silica gel. This leadership is earned through the value of technically differentiated, specialized products; technical and material science expertise; flexible worldwide manufacturing capabilities; and financial strength.

Our commitment is to deliver value, safely and sustainably, to our customers in more than 150 countries, to shareholders, and to the communities where we operate in some 40 countries. Since 1854, we have worked hard to earn and keep the trust of customers—including many of the world's most recognized brands—by reliably delivering high quality products and services in close partnership with our customers.